Client Libraries

BombBomb has assembled the following projects and libraries to make it easy and fast to get up and running with the BombBomb API.

Javascript Wrapper

The easiest way to get started with BombBomb’s API on your web site or application is to use our Javascript wrapper, BBCore. BBCore wraps the functionality exposed below into a simple Javascript interface allowing you to offer BombBomb features on your site or application without having to write server-side code. BBCore is open source and available at

npm install bombbomb
pip install 'bombbomb'
gem install bombbomb
composer require bombbomb/bombbomb

Language Missing?

BombBomb's API is documented in a machine readable way using the Swagger/OpenAPI specification. Swagger's Codegen project allows us generate most of the libraries above automatically as the API gains new capabilities. If you have a language you would like to add to our build pipeline, you can add it to our OpenAPIBuilder project.