Welcome to BombBomb

By Patrick McDavid, September 9, 2016

Welcome to this little project called BombBomb! We’re taking a huge step with this new developer portal in offering a ready to work enterprise video communications toolkit. A number of new technologies are on offer here, but here’re the biggest highlights:


Microsoft .net

Our new libraries collection is opening with seven projects connected to the BombBomb application release pipeline. These machine-generated libraries are made possible by our API’s offering of an OpenAPI specification. Node, Python, Ruby and PHP even get native packages ready in automatically install in your project with more to come!


The API represented on this site is BombBomb’s new V2 API. Our V1 API of modest origins has gotten us quite far and serves millions of requests per day. V1’s design is a bit rustic by modern standards, though, so we charge towards the next decade with a RESTful little sportster, API V2, combined with a new OAuth2 security system.

More to come

We’re very excited about this new suite of products, to learn more, get involved or get help on our developer slack team.